Intermediate Education (Grades 4 - 7)

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We all come from different backgrounds, this may include differences and/or similarities in languages, experiences, cultural or religious affiliation. Students and staff build in intentional focuses of celebration to strengthen our understanding of one another and share in our expertise and experiences. For example, each year Pythagoras Academy hosts Lunar New Year celebrations. Students are actively showcasing their relationship to the celebration, dressing up in traditional regalia and partaking in special food items that hold unique meaning. When we share our backgrounds, we enrich the lives of one another. 


By partnering with the British Columbia curriculum, teachers and students follow processes that foster numeracy skills, like developing positive attitudes when engaging in mental mathematical problem solving and communicating their strategies through pen and paper, but also through learning opportunities like gamification of learning. Building on these skills allows students to use mathematical arguments to support personal choices in the now and later on in life. What may seem like a simple mathematically driven card game, gives students the building blocks to explain and justify their ideas, decisions, and ability to impactfully communicate their strategic thinking.

Cross Curricular

Developing skills across various academic areas increases student confidence, skills and abilities in a variety of circumstances and real world scenarios. Pythagoras Academy teachers and students are fluent in Informational Technology, while recognizing that these tools are useful when sharing our learning with others or building global connections. Students have engaged with empowering learning software platforms, like Seesaw and Flipgrid, which has formed connections with others across the world through Seesaw blogs and grids. Through these experiences, students actively and passionately share their knowledge and build meaningful and lifelong connections.