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One of the many ways students explore literacy is through our one of a kind, sustainable and locally sourced Story Studio. This well-designed and student-focused learning space give students the opportunity to engage in creativity, curiosity, and ingenuity by exploring a responsive and collaborative environment. Teachers create invitations, while students use their imagination to manipulate the space around them to achieve their learning goals. At Pythagoras Academy, literacy skills like storytelling and collaboration come together in incredibly innovative ways!


Building numeracy skills stem from experiences of discovery and experimentation. Primary students explore numerical concepts, geometry and critical thinking strategies, by engaging in student-led activities, like how to make the tallest tower using readily found materials like cups. Through traditionally scaffolded measures and contemporary strategies, students are excited to learn mathematical analysis that is found in all areas of development.

Cross Curricular

Cross Curricular learning encourages students to engage with material from a variety of viewpoints and to see the relationships between different subject areas. This learning journey begins in Junior Kindergarten, where students participate in guided learning opportunities that allow for students to make connections to their prior knowledge. For example, a student’s love of animals and colouring can allow for students to use their visual arts skills while delving into science, as they investigate and analyze local plants and animals. Building upon those connections forms a deeper and authentic understanding of learning.