Who is PAPO?

When your child enrolls in Pythagoras Academy, you will automatically become a member of the Parents Organisation of Pythagoras Academy (PAPO).

What is PAPO?

  • PAPO is the officially recognized collective voice of parents of our school
  • PAPO are forums within our school community to discuss matters affecting the school and the education of our children
  • PAPO organized fundraising events for educational projects for the school
  • Parent’s voices are of tremendous value to our school
  • PAPO offers a wealth of ideas and support in the challenges that face the school
  • PAPO strives to represent the diversity within the communities and contribute to the benefit of all students by:
    • Providing opportunities to educate and inform parents about the school
    • Involving parents in school events and volunteer activities
    • Openly discussing parent concerns and aspirations

The Purpose of PAPO

  • To advise the school on parental views and feedback about school programs, plans and activities
  • To organize PAPO activities and events
  • To encourage parent involvement in the school, and to support programs that promote parent involvement
  • To communicate with parents, and to promote cooperation between the home and the school in providing support for the education of our children
  • To assist parents in accessing the system and to advocate on behalf of parents and students
  • To provide financial support for the goals of the school

Our Generous PAPO Fund

1. Wonder Wagon. 2. HD Projectors. 3. Story Studio. 4. New Books in School Library. 5. Thermal Cameras. 6. MakerBot 3D Printer.

Recent Projects & Success

1. Outdoor Classroom 2. Garage Band 3. Story Studio 4. Picnic Tables 5. Garage Band 6. Story Studio


Introducing the PAPO Executive members for this year, Chair, Jeff De Guzman (Grade 6 & Grade 2); Vice Chair, April Liu (Grade 5 & Grade JK); Treasurer, Jessee Liu (Grade 5); Class Representative Coordinator, Carol Liu (Grade 6); Event Coordinator, Branny Bian (Grade 7 & Grade 5); and newest members Cherrie Chen (Grade 3), Linda Li (Grade 5), Monica Tsao (Grade 5 & Grade 3), and Caroline Wang (Grade 6).

Jeff De Guzman

Vice Chair
April Liu

Jessee Liu

Class Representative Coordinator
Carol Liu

Event Coordinator
Branny Bian

Cherrie Chen

Linda Li

Monica Tsao

Caroline Wang

Our Objectives

The PAPO Executive organizes PAPO activities and events and encourage parent involvement in school, supporting programs that promote parent involvement.  We aim to promote cooperation between the home and school in providing support for the education of our children.  We always appreciate feedback, suggestions and mostly help from PARENTS. 

What is the difference between PAPO and the PAPO Executive?

The PAPO Executive is a group of volunteer parents confirmed by PA who represent the voice of all school parents.  The Executive team helps to organize all the PAPO events during the course of the school year, such as the most recent uniform sale, Breakfast with Santa, Book Drive, Silent Auction/PA Gala and Teacher’s Appreciation Week, and other fundraising events.

Our Valuable Parent Class Representatives & Volunteers

A volunteer parent is selected to be a class representative to support and help the home room teacher to send messages and information that they want to share with the parents of his/her class. 

To all interested parents, volunteers are always appreciated – being involved truly supports in your children’s love for learning.  If you want to volunteer or have any comments, concerns, commendations please email us at [email protected].

Keep in touch with PAPO by tracking our termly newsletters

2023-24 School Year

2022-23 School Year

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PAPO will always enrich on our child’s education and
be a huge part of their academic journey at Pythagoras Academy!