Science Fun

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Grade 2’s science classes are a lot of fun. In Ms. Smith’s class students investigated the layers of the Earth. The students used marshmallows, cereal, chocolate chips and cookie crumbs to make four layers of earth. In Ms. Adams’s class students were learning about the states of water: solid- ice, liquid- water and gas- water vapour and the words to describe the changes in state- freezing/melting and evaporation/condensation. They made ice lollies from fruit juice to investigate the difference between liquid and solid and their volumes. Students also learned about the water cycle and how these state changes cause different types of precipitation such as rain, snow, hail and sleet. They even made it rain in the classroom by boiling water in the kettle and catching the water vapour in a bucket. Condensation occurred and caused ‘raindrops’!

Students got to eat their work afterwards, yum!